Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat...
for Body - Mind - Spirit Rejuvenation

Set your spirit free...
in the pristine, natural beauty of a 220-acre mountain valley
retreat and nature reserve along the Kettle River Valley.

Let the stress and noise fade away...
as your gaze delights in the contours of forested skylines
and your hearing attunes to bird song and the murmur from the river.
Wander sun-dappled hiking trails and explore wooded mesas
where deer graze as your mind quiets to stretch out in enjoyment
of the ever-changing views of trees and river amid a spectacular valley.
Pause here and there where comfortable benches, sandy shorelines,
and rocky outcrops pose a relaxed reflection.
Then, when the cascading light, aromas of forest,
and visions of untainted nature have relaxed your body,
return to the comfort of your cozy room or head up to the Dining Hall
for tea and a snack or for a gourmet, vegetarian meal.

HÜMÜH Monastery’s Skycliffe Retreat
offers a feast for body, mind, and spirit
to enjoy in every season.

Skycliffe Collage